Notes on my cooking

Over the past 3 years, I’ve adapted a lot of recipes. Sometimes I would make them cheaper, cut back the fat and sugar, or generally make them easier to cook. So feel free to tinker these recipes to your tastes! In fact, I’d be really happy if you make changes to suit yourself. IN FACT, post your tweaks in the comments section below because I’m sure others and myself would like to try them too.

I’ve tried to make cooking as simple and quick as possible. For the majority of the time I’ve mixed all the spices and herbs together in a little container to bung in together, rather than follow the recipe step-by-step. In some cases, this may not be the best way to bring out the full depth of flavour, but I’ve never followed recipes correctly so I’ve never known any better.

Also, these recipes are by no means Michelin star and neither am I a food photographer, but that’s not the point of this site. This site is for me to pass on my recipes that can help you eat affordably, diversely and happily so please enjoy these recipes kindly.

When I mention a herb or spice, it’s always going to be dried. Try building your herbs and spice collection a little at a time. A recipe may seem a turn off at first due to masses of spices, so try recipes that only have a few at first and build your collection like I did. I get most of mine in packs from various world food stores because it’s better value for money.


Tofu, tofu tofuuuuuuuu. I love tofu and I use Tofu king (U.K.) LTD firm 600g pack. It’s inexpensive and can make up to 2-3 meals (for 2) from one tub. I have never done that pressing tofu thing for X amount of time to remove excess liquid. I’m hungry right now so I crack on. I just hold the tofu block in my hands and apply light pressure over the sink for a minute to get some liquid out. You can do the pressing thing if you want.


‘Pud-pud’ is something I frequently say to my boyfriend at night with a cute, quizzical face hoping he fancies a treat too whilst half of me hopes he doesn’t either. I can get such a bad sweet tooth so I don’t make any desserts because I know that if I make it, I’ll eat it all within one sitting. Not good! So unfortunately, this site doesn’t contain any desserts. If I do make a decent pud-pud I’ll post it, but pud-pud isn’t my forte and I don’t think I could pull off some decadent creations like many other pud-pud-type blogs are already doing successfully. So for now, happy savoury eating!


Oh and can you tell I like carrots cutefacenobackground