Before setting off for uni, I had some goals. One, to lose weight at a healthy rate that would become part of my lifestyle. Two, to become vegetarian, while cutting back on milk, dairy products and sugary snacks. And three, to cook from scratch to help save myself money and to have full control of what I eat to obtain my goals easier. So I rooted through years upon years of all my mum and nan’s slimming world magazines and printed as many vegetarian recipes as I could find. And so off me and my boyfriend went into our new shiny flat with plenty of hand-me down cooking utensils, cutlery, bowls, plates, cups, mugs, spices, herbs and pasta.

One of the first things we made, I think, reflected those student stereotypes whilst avoiding them; chilli-baked-beans. Who knew beans could taste so pleasing! And so we were confident we could keep this up.

I’m a first second third year PhD student and at the start of my PhD, working longer hours than usual made a real difference to my down-time. I started snacking more, eating later at night and hence stopped cooking from scratch. As a result, the weight crept back on and I became lousy and un-energetic. So here I am, getting back into keeping up with cooking whilst sharing my food-goodness with other budgeting students, people curious in vegetarian/vegan cooking (or who are vegetarian/vegan), people who want to eat healthier and for everyone else who fancies giving these recipes a go.

Update: I also went vegan only from September 2017 so all recipes from then on with be vegan.

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      1. Thanks 🙂 I enjoy looking at photos/blogs from Japan. I went to Tokyo last summer and found it extremely difficult to find things to eat, especially hot food. Ended up eating onigiri and edamame most the time (and crying a little). I went with a list of veggie places, but some most had short opening times or were far from where I was when I got hungry. Next time I go back to Japan, I’ll be more prepared!

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