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Hamburg and Berlin, Vegan eating

Last week me and my boyfriend went to Hamburg and Berlin, spending 3 days in each city. And I sure did love the vegan-friendliness of both cities. I knew Berlin had already been ranked high for being easy for vegans to eat without any of the following;

  1. Questioning the already busy waiter
  2. Spending the majority of your time looking through ingredient lists in shops
  3. Having stomach dropping moments of ‘is this thing in mouth actually mock-soya-chicken and not actually chicken’ and ‘this has GOT to be dairy-cream’ as your desire for the food turns to confusion, scepticism and finally anxiety.

I never take photos of my food in restaurants so no food photos here sorry foodies! I never got into taking restaurant food photos as I’d rather just eat and be relaxed without making it a chore. But importantly, here is a list of the vegan places we went that we thoroughly recommend!


  • Loving hut (there are actually 2 in Hamburg). 100% Asian vegan foods
  • Anchors & Hearts. Have a very good range of vegan burgers and other dishes including aubergine schnitzels. Not so healthy…..ahem….fried everything….but incredibly delicious and wouldn’t have missed it! A free shot was given on ordering and vegan mayo is placed at every table. The waiter was also a very nice guy!
  • HAPPENPAPPEN. We didn’t get to go here but it is 100% vegan. We were 20 minutes early for the evening food menu (from 6pm), so went for a stroll around the winterdom and came back to a full house. Being super hungry, we went free-style in the shops and had a pic-n-mix for dinner. This place looked cosy and we are upset we missed out a chance to eat here. Still, we recommend here and hope you enjoy it!


  • 1990 vegan living. My first taste at Vietnamese food and it was a 100% vegan delight. It’s best to pick 3 dishes per person along with some rice/noodles and this makes for a good sized meal! We went here twice because we NEEDED to try the other dishes we didn’t get to try first time. Ordering here is super simple too. You just fill out what dishes you want on a form
  • Emma Pea. The Pea Basket went to another Pea’s home hehe. 100% vegan streetfood that is all made inside a sort of cabin. A tiny, lively bar is found inside the same cabin. Great to start a night around the Friedrichshain area
  • Veganz (Berlin-Friedrichshain). A 100% vegan shop with cafe. There’s also a vegan restaurant ‘The Bowl’ ontop (we didn’t go here though). The cakes were far too good, the sandwich, wraps and salads life-fulfilling. The never ending queues are proof of how good this place was. Seems like there are other veganz shops throughout Europe. Happy days! Please come to the UK!

Other things we loved about Hamburg and Berlin (and possibly this runs through the majority of Germany) were;

  • So many different, affordable cold-coffee-soya/nut milk drinks in most stores. It was cold outside, very cold, but I couldn’t resist
  • VEGAN ALMOND BAILEYS!!!! I thought Baileys Almande was an internet prank until I held that bottle of beauty in my own hands. But I had to leave that baby behind due to back-pack travelling
  • Clear vegan labelling on most foods, even if it obviously would be vegan (like plain crackers) – vegan must be a trendy word to put on packaging. But this made it easy for us to pick things out
  • Big and varied vegan sections in most regular/non-vegan stores
  • Cheese that doesn’t just taste like every other vegan-coconut based cheese (or so it seems in the UK). The BEST vegan cheese was bought in Berlin from a small store for about 20 cents more than diary-cheese. Imagine Tesco metro doing this….ahem…that’ll be £5 please for 8 slices
  • Taking me onto the next point; the respect of not ripping-off us vegans or those who want to try vegan foods. In the UK, it seems ‘vegan’ goes beyond a trend and is now a way for making unnecessary profits. High prices that may put more people off going vegan and trying to make a profit of those trying to improve the world and their health 😦
  • Vegan restaurants only a short walk away with many ‘tastes’ to chose from at any point throughout both cities

Featured image: Hamburg’s museum of arts and crafts (Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg) – film Animal Farm


Inside Computerspielemuseum, Berlin


Berlin wall


Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg. Please go here! I wasn’t fussed on here, but the cold told me to get off the streets for a while. I then realised I could spend all day here!

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