Cheesy Vegan Broccoli Leeks ‘n’ Mushies

Hello cheesy broccoli

happyfacenobackground  happyfacenobackground

Flavours: ½ tbsp olive oil, ¼ cup yeast flakes, 1 tsp Dijon mustard, ½ tbsp white wine vinegar, garlic clove, sprinkle of turmeric, S/P (1-2 tsp miso paste optional)

Bulk: 3 medium leeks, 1 medium white onion, 300g chestnut mushrooms, small-medium broccoli head

Jazzy: add in a tsp or two of miso paste with the cheesy broccoli for extra umai! Top with cracked black pepper and even some smoked paprika

Lets cook: Start by cutting the off broccoli florets and then into smaller pieces so they can be blended. Blend to form broccoli ‘rice’. Slice and dice the onion and slice the leeks and mushrooms. Add the broccoli rice to a pan along with the oil and some S/P. In a separate pan, add the leeks, garlic, onions and some S/P. Stir-fry both for around 7 minutes on medium heat. Next, add the yeast flakes, mustard, vinegar, turmeric and 1/4 cup of water to the broccoli (add miso here too if using). Add the mushrooms to the leeks. Cook these for a further 5 minutes, stirring frequently. If the broccoli mixture is watery, continue to cook. Remove the leeks and mushrooms so as to not overcook. Once you think everything is cooked, add the leeks and mushrooms to a plate and top with the cheesy broccoli  cutefacenobackground


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