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Breaking the silence

Putting pen to paper, pan to stove, fingers to keyboard, has been hard since I last uploaded my last post. I started to feel pressured to cook something new almost every day, and this took the enjoyment out of cooking. This drove me to avoid cooking all together and eating badly! I thought a break would solve the problem but I just let the days roll on and on. I just couldn’t bring myself to cook with the aim of making a blog.

I’ve just taken 2 weeks off work (back in tomorrow eeeeeeek) and happily got back into the swing of cooking! I let myself cook for fun and revisit some old, easy favourites. It really did make me sad, that something I used to love was making me feel anxious. I’m sure if I was doing something a little less time/mentally consuming as a PhD, I wouldn’t have gotten into this slump. Even after enjoying cooking again, the idea of having to put something up every Sunday makes me shrink away a little. So from now on, I will not be posting every Sunday. I’ll simply add a recipe when I have something new to share  happyfacenobackground

And since the beginning of this work break, I’ve decided to go vegan for good. I’ve done it in the past for a month or so and didn’t do it very well meaning I craved dairy/eggs all the time. But this time, I’m doing it the right way. Balanced, filling and absolutely delicious!

I’ve been a busy bee, learning how to make many things I’d regularly buy in shops from scratch like soy/oat milk, hummus, salad dressings, tofu and various tinned beany things. This has and will continue to save me so much money and give me plenty of time to embrace the kitchen again! Aside from diet, another important thing for me is the amount of waste I produce and my contribution to pollution. This extra-extra homemade way of cooking also means I throw away less plastic packaging and don’t contribute to all the other things that go along with making the product and transport to the shops. It’s good to think about the wider picture when it comes to food, aside from how it tastes and ‘can I have more please’ aha.

So these past 2 weeks have been fun and educational for me, although it has meant I’ve had more dishes to clean more often haha! In particular, a by-product of making soy milk/tofu is okara (the pulp left over after squeezing out the milk) and this is just THE BEST thing for a vegan/vegetarian/everyone in my opinion. I’ve used it to make many different beany-burgers and even pepperoni (definitely a recipe for me to share with you guys). Mmmm, this talk of food is making me hungry! Homemade hummus evening snack to the rescue!

I hope you will enjoy my new recipes to come!

See you soon  cutefacenobackground

[Featured image is a reflection of me, taken in the EYE Film museum, Amsterdam. Well worth a visit. They even had pods where you can watch a full movie, including new, foreign and old films!]

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