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My not-so ordinary Christmas dinner

I’m not fond of making roasts, especially only for two people, so this Christmas I decided to have a Japanese/Asian style meal! We had cold soba noodles with a sake/soy dip (mentsuyu), miso, edamame, kimchi, sunomono (recipe here), Japanese style sweetcorn (recipe here), carrots, tamagoyaki crepe (recipe here), hijiki no nimono (a hijiki seaweed salad with carrots and edamame), hiyayakko (cold tofu), baked tofu cubes and sushi rice (recipe here). I also cut some nori sheets into 4 smaller squares so we could make our own DIY maki rolls as we ate. We even had some kohlrabi as a special Christmas treat. And then a whole load of cheese and crackers for supper!

New recipe tomorrow  cutefacenobackground


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