Update; PhD life, Christmas and winter

I’m wondering if any of you think I really exist. I mean, yes I post weekly recipes but am I truly a human or a robot who has a feel for tasty recipes. Well I do exist and I’m now a second year PhD student. Not just a second year student, but someone who really wants to achieve well and bring something to my field (RSV/Rhinovirus in asthmatic children). All throughout October I had problems with lab work (my cells just stopped being my friend) and it pushed my schedule back a little. Therefore, most of my energy has gone into playing catch-up (trying to sort out why things have gone wrong and juggling a few things all at once). Oh and I’ve also started taking Japanese lessons and I’m a doing some undergrad markings as a side job with my university. So when I come home after work and the gym late into the evening, this blog hasn’t been on my mind. Since I started this in February, I’ve been super energetic, making more than one recipe each week/researching/trying new ideas out almost every night. Therefore I had a backlog of recipes but recently I’ve been eating into them and not replacing them. Another factor into my lack of recipe creating is that it’s winter here now. I naturally drink more hot drinks and don’t feel hungry enough to make/eat a full meal. I tend to snack the night away (healthy stuff though), busy in marking undergrad work, learning Japanese and preparing for the next day’s lab work. Its Christmas too isn’t it….? I even feel disconnected from Christmas too. So to save my body from melt down I’m going to take a few weeks off the regular weekly Sunday posts. This is for me to build up some recipes, have one less thing to not worry about and enjoy being social at Christmas.

Ja mata ne  cutefacenobackground

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