Mushroom minted-crepe

Mighty ‘meaty’ mushrooms

198 kcal  happyfacenobackground  happyfacenobackground

Flavours: 1 tbsp tomato puree, ½ tsp dry basil, ¼ vegetable stock cube, garlic clove, ¼ tsp dried mint, S/P

Bulk: 40g flour, 1 large egg, 90ml soya milk (or any of your choice), 100g spinach, 1 courgette, 3 large flat mushrooms

Great with: leafy-rocket salad or roasted sweet potato cubes

Lets cook: Start by making the pancake mix. Whisk the egg, milk, sieved flour, mint and S/P in a bowl to create a somewhat thick, but still runny batter. Place in the fridge to cool. Cut the courgette into small bite-size chunks, cut the mushrooms into strips and roughly cut the spinach. In a small cup, mix the tomato puree, basil, stock cube and S/P with 1 tbsp water to create a paste. Stir-fry the courgette and crushed garlic for 5 minutes on a medium heat then add the mushrooms and tomato sauce mix for another 3 minutes. Finally add the spinach and stir until the spinach just starts to wilt (around 2 minutes). Remove from the heat and set aside to make the pancake. Oil a medium sized frying pan how you like (I used fry light) and then add half the pancake batter. Cook for around 1 minute on each side. Once both pancakes are made, place them on a plate and add half the courgette-mushroom filling to the middle. Fold over the sides to create one tasty savoury crepe  cutefacenobackground


This meal can be great for anytime of the day. For breakfast, have with a fresh glass of orange juice. For lunch, serve with a rocket-leafy salad. For dinner serve with some roasted sweet potato cubes.

You can also add any herbs or spices to the pancake or use different vegetable fillings to create different styles of pancakes. I found this combination particularly ‘meaty’ tasting, which I loved!

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