soup · vegan

Mint-pea soup

Minty, peasy, soup-de-loupy

140 kcal  –  eat as you like  –  VE


Flavours: 1 ½ tbsp freeze dried mint, S/P

Bulk: ~1000g bag of frozen peas, 1 large white onion

Jazzy: add a bunch of spring onions to the soup

Store: can be eaten next day if your store it in the fridge or freeze portions

Lets cook: This is far too easy. Just place the peas, chopped white onion, mint, S/P to a large pan with about 1 litre of boiling water and simmer on a low heat for 15 minutes. Remove from the heat, cool for 5 minutes and then hand blend. You can add more of less water for your desired consistency and I enjoy keeping some of the peas whole.  Easy-peasy  cutefacenobackground


On the weekends in my down time, I bung everything into the pan and leave it simmer whilst I do other things, wiz and portion out into tuberware boxes to freeze once they’ve reached room temperature. I then microwave them for lunch or as a snack. I can get around 5-6 portions each time but 4 portions is still guilt free eating calorie-wise.

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